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FUKAI KARATE MAGENTA is a young Sports club which was founded with the goal to spread and  promote the most traditional of martial arts: Karate Shotokan.

The lessons, which are held by expert instructors, are dedicated to the improvement of the student?s mobility and coordination capacities as well as teaching reciprocal respect. In the case of small children, more specifically, the practice of Karate can help them grow nimbler, more relaxed and with a higher self-confidence.
arate is especially adaptable to the needs of teenagers and adults who practice it because of its many benefits:  it is a superior training method, teaches self-defence, it is a life philosophy, and contributes to the development of social skills, and, mostly for the younger generations, it is a sport that can be practiced at competition level.
The main instructor at FUKAI KARATE is also the Technical Director, Master Montagna Antonio, black belt 6th Dan.

FUKAI KARATE MAGENTA?s lessons are held at gym of Giovanni XXIII Elementary School, with entrance at Via Caracciolo ? Magenta ? every Tuesday and Friday from 6 PM to 9PM, from September until June.
Time  6-6.45 PM is reserved to children